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And how skipped is this? I know I got my copy at an airport, must've been on the way home. On top of my reading stack now, already 6 yrs old.


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Lots bad to share but when do we hear solutions? Add these to your skipped stew pot pantry (spicy servings so far!), knowing I've missed a lot that's pretty much it from my end. ###

donuts fresh from 2013, Kate Raworth


the baker likes Lakoff


other skipped nibbles? i bet not household names

Chuck Marohn, Strong Towns, particularly rich


James Kwak

links to book, CH 1 -4 here,


especially action brainstorming


board games!



back to copyright intent: sharing thoughts not litigating possession?


participatory democracy: budgeting, policy, planning, more. born in Brazil 30 yrs ago, birthed in US too then abusive death?


morality and democracy begin at home



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Catching up with your videos. Had to check Brown U. Wasn't familiar with the Political Theory Project but I do follow the Costs of War Project at the Watson Institute there, not nearly similar :-)

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You got me wondering how many times Joe Biden has used the term 'common good'. No answer from a quick search but I came on this internal consistency head scratcher White House//FACT SHEET. Separating church from state through a White House Office for Faith Based . . . Partnerships? KNOWING doesn't mean doing, and CIVIL is not religious. (Nor in an international forum is CIVIL bullying.) And named groups aren't special interests? Don't think of an elephant :-)

"As our country grapples with a global pandemic, a severe economic downturn, the scourge of systemic racism, an escalating climate crisis and profound polarization, President Biden knows that civil society partnerships are essential to meeting such challenges."


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